FAQ – My Fortune Cookie Jar

How do you get multiple cookies without restarting the application?

Windows 8/Surface RT: With the application running, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or right-click anywhere in the screen to expose the app bar at the bottom. Here you can select multiple different choices, one of which is Get Another Cookie.
Windows Phone 8: With the application running, touch the settings icon (…) at the bottom right of the screen to expose the app bar at the bottom. Here you can select multiple different choices, one of which is Get New Cookie.
Android: With the application running, touch your device’s Menu button to open up the app menu. Here you can select from multiple choices, one of which is New Cookie

Can you save fortune cookies that you open?

Yes, currently in the Windows 8/Surface RT and the Windows Phone 8 releases, you can save your favorite fortunes right on the device, then call them back up later! The same functionality is coming soon to Android.

How do I submit my own fortune?

Open the application menu as directed in the first question above and select Add Your Own Fortune

I uploaded my own fortune, but now I can’t see it when I use the application

The application randomly grabs a fortune from the database. Once your submitted fortune is approved it is automatically added to the database, and is available for random selection by the application. Keep trying! The more you use it, the more likely you are to see your submissions!

Can you submit fortunes to My Fortune Cookie Jar via Twitter?

This is currently not a function of the application, however we are considering something like this in a future release.

What other features are available with the application?

Get New Cookie: It may be called something different on each device, but it means the same thing-go grab another random cookie from the cookie jar and see your fortune! You could literally sit for hours reading random fortunes and sharing with others on your favorite social networks!
Add Your Own Fortune: Did you get a cool fortune while eating out at an Asian restaurant? Add it to the cookie jar so everyone can enjoy it! Include where you got the fortune (restaurant name, city, state, whatever) and your name (or username, nickname, Twitter handle, etc) so others can see who submitted it!
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How do I share my fortune?

Windows 8/Surface RT:After you open the cookie and see the fortune, you can either swipe in from the right (or place your mouse pointer in the bottom or top right corner) to expose the Charms flyout. Click the Share Charm and choose a social networking application to share with. Or you can click either the Twitter or Facebook icon in the bottom right of the screen after opening the cookie.
Windows Phone 8: After opening the cookie, touch the settings icon (…) at the bottom right of the screen to expose the app bar. Then touch the Share button, select the social networking platform of your choice (or more than one) and submit it!
Android: After opening the cookie, touch the Share icon in the top right of the screen to choose a social application to share with, or click “See all…” to see all available options. Once you select one, it will remember the most common application choice and put it next to the Share button as a default for future sharing!