My Daily Bread

My Daily Bread
My Daily Bread

Did you know you can read the entire Bible in one year, and it only takes about 10 minutes a day! My Daily Bread provides a daily schedule of three short sections of the Bible to read each day, and automatically updates with a new section daily. Reading each of the three short sections will ultimately lead to you having read the entire Bible in one year!

The ESVAPI service provided by delivers your daily scheduled passages using the English Standard Version of the Bible.

Keep track of your progress by creating a free account, allowing you to log into multiple devices at the same time, so no matter where you are you can see how much of the Bible you’ve read through! Just pick a username, password and provide your email address at a minimum. (Don’t worry, we’re not going to give or sell your email address or any of your information to anyone.)

Share what you’re reading today on your favorite social network! Use the share button (or swipe from the right in Windows 8 and touch the Share charm) and your friends, family and followers can know what you’ve been reading!

Windows 8 desktop/mobile users can also hear the daily readings read aloud by clicking the icon at the top of their screen!

Now is the time to get closer to God by immersing yourself in His Word. Spend only 10 minutes a day and see for yourself how your life will change!

My Daily Bread is available FREE for all Windows 8 & 8.1 devices, Windows Phone 8 and all Android devices!

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I don’t usually rate apps but this is a really nice app that makes the routine of reading the Bible more interesting …..keep improving it. – Busayo 07/05/2015

Brilliant daily bread. A truly transformative piece that brings the word of God right in your pocket so it is in your hands anytime ready to sink into your heart! God bless you!! – Robert Bob 06/21/2015

The best digital bible reading plan on the market so far…. Read your bible 3 times a day – Sylvestre 04/24/2015

Great way to start a day,get to dig into books of scriptures on an easy,quick app! – gary 03/26/2015

I love this app. It’s the best way to start the day. I read the passages several times a day. Absolutely brilliant. God is good. – Robert 03/11/2015

Love it…it teaches me something new everyday – repeka 02/20/2015

It’s a good app to receive daily motivations from the Bible – alecia 02/10/2015

A great reading plan!!! – Tendai 02/05/2015

Just installed & started using. Very happy to have reading plan at my fingertips! – Mary L 01/05/2015

Its very good and properly organise to help you go through both old and new testament everyday. – felix 01/06/2015

Great bible app! Highly recommend. – Greg 10/31/2014

I like the fact that it has a scripture for each day thank you all. It’s a beautiful peaceful thing to know that you can read a scripture and feel so pure and get a lesson from it or even a little understanding. God bless you all. – joe 10/27/2014

Very nice keep it up and be blessed for the good work. – User 09/16/2014

Excellent way to keep a disciplined reading schedule. I also like that the selected readings are at least loosely linked thematically. Great job! – User 09/14/2014

Few minutes of reflection through Daily Bread gives you renewed spirit to face the day & it prompt action to live a righteous life. – Dr. Belinda Bennet 08/16/2014

This application is useful for my spiritual growth – Babafemi 7/26/2014

This is an ideal app for studying the Bible – James 07/25/2014


My Daily Bread for Windows Phone 8

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My Daily Bread for Windows Phone 8

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My Daily Bread for Windows 8

My Daily Bread for Windows 8 – Reads just like a book!

My Daily Bread for Windows 8

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My Daily Bread for Android tablets

My Daily Bread for Android tablets

My Daily Bread for Android tablets

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My Daily Bread for Android phones

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