Tournament Scorekeeper

Tournament Scorekeeper is a token or score counting tool in use by Tournament Directors and league admins all over the internet! It’s easy to use, small, quick, and combines all of the most common operations and tasks used by TDs into one application! No more notepad, Excel, or even a pad and pencil nearby when scoring tournaments. Tournament Scorekeeper is the solution!

Imagine being able to enter in your tournament players in one screen, their starting
score, ending score, clicking a button and knowing instantly who won? Sounds simple, yet you can also do this for special tournaments, like 2 on 2, “Reverse Score” mode, “Add-Em Up” mode, “Tri-Peaks” mode and more! Plus you can also do all of this and save your scoring history!



Tournament Scorekeeper 3* is now available, and brings with it all of the
favorite functionality and features of Tournament Scorekeeper v2 with the following enhancements:

  • Ability to save results/calculation
  • Ability to undo last calculation
  • Ability to restore last change in case of mistake
  • Improved UI
  • Now works on 32 bit and 64 bit PCs
  • Faster calculations, faster UI response time
  • Ability to view saved results on screen
  • Ability to delete individual saved results record files
  • “Reverse Score” mode
  • “Add ‘Em Up” mode
  • One-click registration (no entering keys)
  • Much more!
  • 7 use free trial before purchase is required
  • License is only $19.99 (Click here to purchase.)
  • License good for life of product (v3 only), includes any updates, revisions, bug fixes, patches, etc. Free support and maintenance included. Single-seat license.

Click below to purchase a license for Tournament Scorekeeper 3. A license is required to use the product more than 7 times, and allows you to install the application on a single computer. Note: Once your copy has been registered a refund of your license purchase will not be available! Please ensure you want to keep Tournament Scorekeeper before registering.

* Note: Tournament Scorekeeper 3 is replacing all earlier versions of Tournament Scorekeeper – it is not an upgrade, and unfortunately no upgrade is available due to differences in platform and CPU type, as well as the changes to registration.  Effective September 5, 2012 a license purchased is only good for version 3.   Although it is possible to run both versions on a single machine at a time, it is not recommended. Although support for older versions of Tournament Scorekeeper will no longer be available, you may still continue to use the product. You will still get the same free support and free updates offer for Tournament Scorekeeper 3, just like you did in the past.

Note: if you are a current user of Tournament Scorekeeper 3 and are experiencing issues after 8/19/2017 with launching or using your application, it’s because you need to update. Please uninstall any existing versions and download the most recent version from the link above. If you continue to experience problems after uninstalling/reinstalling please contact for a patch script to assist with the update process.